About Author

My name is Doug Wakefield, the author of living2024. I have been in the financial industry 29 years, and if you google my name and “investments” you will learn more about my writings and research over the last decade, as well as my professional background.

However, the purpose of this blog, is not to focus specifically on how world trends are impacting the investment world, but to take the reader on a journey even deeper.

The present is becoming more frightening, something anyone watching current events can certainly see. However, like a deep bear market, I believe that after the world enters one of the most painful periods in history we have seen yet, the entire world will enter a period of incredible peace like man has never seen.

If there is one thing that has grown more and more obvious from the last 10 years of my life, is that world historical trends are going to change our lives and plans, whether we are ready for them or not. For this reason, it seems wiser to understand the times and changes coming, than to live under the illusion that the world around us will not impact our little corner.

My ideas have been impacted and changed from listening and reading the ideas of many individuals over the last decade, and have changed more than merely my view about on the investment markets. They have changed the way I see the world, people, and even myself.

I have been a student of the Bible for almost 40 years. Why you may ask? First, it has been translated in more languages than any book in history. Second, it is the only book in history that took over 15 centuries and 6 empires to write and assemble. Third, even though its writings were all completed more than 1900 years ago, it has been widely studied along with current events in the last century in order to understand current events.

My hope is that this will increase your own curiosity to read it’s wealth of history alongside many other writings you are examining, no matter where you place your faith.

Most of us do not like change. However, anyone following current events knows that changes are accelerating with each passing year, and all of our lives will be altered by these massive world events over the next decade.

I hope you will leave me your comments, and that we can all learn more together as we continue through this incredible time in history.

Doug Wakefield