The Purpose of Living 2024

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by negative world themes, or do you merely dismisss them as having no relevance as long as they don’t alter your day to day world and plans?

To ignore today’s world headlines, is extremely naive, yet to understand them at the deepest level of our thinking, our worldview, is something we seldom do in our rush to get through the weeks and months of out lives.

As we continue through the days headline stories, ones that point to a world about to change, we will evaluate today, through the eyes of someone looking back, since the present seems to have paralzyed our ability to ask deep questions like “What does this all mean” or “Why I am living at this time?”

Comments are welcome, since whether we like it or not, we are ALL living in 2014 today, and in ten years, the world could look much different as the calendar turns over into 2024.